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Only our featured machines are available for demonstration at our UK Easily Converted offices.
Automatic Loading Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

1. Automatic loading slitting rewinding machine can achieve automatic slow down, stop and turn at selected reel diameter or label count for a significant increase in productivity.
2. Paper slitting rewinding machine adopts to 10″ touch-screen HMI, job archive(>500 settings) to reduce setup time and waste, remote service access by modem.

Paper Sticker Semi-rotary Die Cut Converting Machine
1. Semi-rotary die cut converting machine covers 70%-80% of the post-press process, set laminating, die-cutting, and slitting in one, with complete functions.
2. The overall size of the Paper sticker die-cut converting machine is 3000*1300*1700mm, the weight is 2800KG, the volume is small, can be integrated distribution, free from the assembly.
Intermittent Paper Rotary Label Die Cutting Machine

1. Die-cutting unit of rotary label die cutting machine can be exchanged between full rotary and intermittent rotary. The intermittent die-cutting speed can reach 60m/min, and the speed is 120/min in full rotary mode.
2. Intermittent rotary label die cutting machine has small size, can be integrated distribution, save assembly time, easy to use.

Roll To Roll Adhesive PET Film Inspection Rewinding Machine

1. Roll to roll adhesive PET film inspection rewinding machine is mainly suitable for paper and film materials inspection and cutting, such as adhesive paper, craft paper, and release paper, film materials include PET, PVC, and BOPP.
2. Adhesive PET film inspection rewinding machine runs at high speed, the maximum cutting speed up to 300m/min, and the inspection speed is up to 120m/min.

Multi-functional Hybrid Label Varnish Converting Machine

Function features:
1. All servo motor control
2. Print, cold foil, varnish, and laminate
3. UV dryer and hot air optional
4. Full rotary and semi-rotary exchange
5. Shear knife and razor knife slitting, optional back score
6. Servo control rewind shaft, bidirectional running
7. Online diagnosis and remote function
8. In line with digital printing systems (HP, Xeikon, etc.)
9. Optional IML function
10. Optional conveyor sheeting

Large Servo Driven Kraft Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

1. The whole machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC and Weilun touch screen control, and the working parameters can be set on the screen.
2. The main machine adopts 3 sets of imported Yaskawa inverters and servo motors for linkage control, with high speed and stable tension.
3. Automatic hydraulic feeding is adopted, which saves time and effort. The unwinding can bear 1500KG weight material.
4. The pneumatic pressure material receiving platform is adopted to save the time of material changing.
5. Independent servo-driven web-guide system is used to correct the deviation of the material.
6. The machine is equipped with SMC proportional valve and top-fixing pressure reducing valve. During the automatic tension of the slip shaft, the tightness of the winding material can be well adjusted.
7. All drive shafts adopt dynamic/static balance processing to ensure the stability and accuracy of the material transfer and slitting process.
8. Automatic meter counting device with roller encoder. When the material is cut and re-winded to the preset length, the machine will automatically stop working.
9. The wall panels and accessories of the machine are customized with CNC technology to ensure the stability and cutting accuracy of the machine.

Label Hot Foil Die Cut Sticker Flatbed Die Cutting Machine
1. This Label Hot Foil Die Cut Sticker Flatbed Die Cutting Machine is equipped with die-cutting and hot stamping units which can provide 120m per minute for die-cutting and 60m per minute for hot stamping.
2. All servo-driven label hot stamping machines can be used to cut material with max-width at 340mm and max 330mm width for hot stamping relatively.
3. 1 or 2 standard sets are available in the stock usually with around 15 days as lead time and customization is supported for different customer’s requirements.
Large Industrial Semi-rotary Label Die Cutting Machine

1. Rotary label die cutting machine can be used to cut those printed labels, such as printing paters; Kraft paper; Release paper; PET film; Release film; Copper aluminum foil and others Soft non-sticky materials, etc.
2. Max die-cutting speed can be at 0-60m per minute under semi-rotary while 0-120m per minute under full rotary. Max unwind and rewind diameter are 800mm and max web width is 330mm.
3. For the standard Semi-rotary Label Die Cutting Machine, its delivery time can be short within 10 days; for the customized one, its delivery time depends on the different client’s customization conditions.

1.6 Meter Width Jumbo Roll Label Paper Slitting Machine

1. Jumbo roll label paper slitting machine with the discharging rack, there are two air expansion shafts and can realize automatic turnover, with automatic packaging function.
2. High-speed jumbo roll cutting precision is ±0.02mm, cutting speed can reach 300m/min, high precision and high-speed operation.

Label Quality Control Inspection Machine For Printing

1. Label Quality Control Inspection Machine can be supported to inspect bar code, QR code, variable data label and show faulty information clearly on the screen and the inspecting platform.
2. For the standard label inspection rewinding machine, its delivery time can be short within 10 days; for the customized one, its delivery time depends on the different client’s customization conditions.
3. Visual label inspection machine’s max inspecting speed can be 120m per minute while max slitting speed can be 300m per minute.

High Speed Plotter Self Adhesive Label Die Cutting Machine

1. No need to do any die-cutting mould, largely save the die-cutting cost and shorten the job delivery time.
2. Automatic label plotter die cutting registration between 2 die-cutting units, no need to adjust the position of the plotter dies cutting blades.
3. Can achieve perfect cutting shape with any angle, the same material does not need to adjust the pressure of the label plotter dies cutting machine.
4. High-Speed Plotter Cutting MachineEasy operation and short setup time, no requirement on the operator’s machine skills.

RD-800R inline machine of HP 25K

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