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modular designed digital finishing machine.

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modular designed digital finishing machine.

MDF Standard Features
  • All functions are servo motor-controlled
  • Unwind unit with a combined web guide & splice table
  • DUAL MODE Flexo print station – Full & semi-rotary functionality
  • Flexo print to register – print, spot varnish or flood coat
  • Cold foiling in full rotary mode
  • UV or LED ink curing
  • Laminating (Unsupported & supported)
  • DUAL MODE die-cutting station – Rotary & semi-rotary functionality
  • Snowball & standard matrix stripping
  • Rotary shear or crush slitting knives (10 sets)
  • Razor slitting knives (10 sets)
  • Bidirectional dual rewind shafts (76 mm pneumatic)
  • Online remote diagnosis connection to factory.
MDF Optional Extras
  • Web cleaner (Single/dual-sided)
  • Corona treater
  • Semi-rotary cold foiling upgrade
  • Laminate to register (For peel-and-reveal labels)
  • Turn Bar/Delam Relam with turn bar
  • Flat-bed screen printing unit
  • Flat-bed hot foiling/embossing unit
  • Hot air dryer
  • Doming unit
  • Gap Master/Hydra Jacks
  • Robotic auto-slitting setup
  • Back scorers (manual or auto width setup)
  • Semi-turret rewinding unit
  • IML unit (in mould label conveyor and stacking)
  • Alternative diameter pneumatic rewind shafts
MDF Technical Specification


Max. Web width
330 mm
Max. Web width
370 mm
Max. Web width
420 mm
Max. Web width
520 mm


Max. Unwind diameter 800 mm
Max. Rewind diameter 600 mm
Die-cutting speed Rotary 0 – 120 m/min
Die-cutting speed Semi-rotary 5 – 60 m/min
Die-cutting accuracy ±0.15 mm
Magnetic Cylinder Size Rotary 70 T – 204 T
Magnetic Cylinder Size Semi-rotary standard 204 T
Max. & Min. die-cutting length in semi-rotary 583 mm – 65 mm
Flexo printing speeds Rotary 0 – 120 m/min
Flexo printing speeds Semi-rotary 0 – 60 m/min
Flexo printing accuracy ±0.15 mm
Flexo plate cylinder size Rotary 60 T – 204 T
Flexo plate cylinder size Semi-rotary standard 204 T
Max. & Min. printing length in semi-rotary (overall repeat length) 583 mm/65 mm
Optional semi-rotary Magnetic cylinder sizes 176 T/192 T

All specifications, dimensions, and construction shown on this website are subject to change without prior notice, this can also mean the look of the machine may alter. If we change anything it’s because we’re always endeavoring to improve our machines.


Our MDF, RDF, and RDR range of systems, combines full and semi-rotary functionality for the die-cutting stations. Dual functionality for flexo printing is included on the MDF range. The desired mode is individually selected from the operator touch screen, giving the perfect choice dependent on the converting and embellishing tasks in hand.

Digital Finishing & Label Converting provide Professional Digital Label Finishing Equipment & Label Converting Equipment that are not only Reliable & Affordable but offer Additional Features within their specifications

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Digital Finishing & Label Converting Equipment

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